Uni of Bradford and UBU win an award for work with Alcohol Impact

Wednesday 24-05-2017 - 17:16

The University of Bradford and University of Bradford Union of Students recently gained Alcohol Impact accreditation and have, as a result, won an Award for Outstanding Achievement from their Vice-Chancellor.

award ceremony

As part of their Alcohol Impact work this year, Bradford have introduced Shakes Diner – a 50s American-style milkshake and non-alcoholic drinks bar. Penelope Aspinall, Head of Disability, Counselling and Mental Health, says the takings so far “have been encouraging” in indicating that students appreciate the alternatives to alcohol.

In addition to this, Bradford has replicated a campaign that Leeds University Union initiated: Hydration Stations. Hydration Stations at welcome week events are there to provide free soft drink alternatives (fruit-infused water!) to ensure students are well hydrated. Also, they offer something to eat (such as pancakes), a place to recharge, help getting home if necessary – and umbrellas in case the British weather does its best!

We’d like to congratulate the University of Bradford and University of Bradford Union of Students on their great strides in increasing the wellbeing of student drinkers and non-drinkers alike – no doubt their work will inspire other universities and unions, too!

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